Zen meditation music relax mind body

Blowing Zen is meditation using Buddhist music with the help of a flute called shakuhachi flute. This strongly enhances the meditation experiences and it soothes the body and spirit. Zen meditation music is an ancient form of meditation that is still practiced today by the Buddhists.

Flute is used in music particularly for its calming, comforting tones, that’s why it is such an important and integral aspect of Buddhist meditation. Flute music has very soft, peaceful tones. Shakuhachi has a lot of benefits for the meditator. Based on Yoga and Buddhism, life’s joys and sorrows originate all in one’s mind.

Of course events shape and direct our life, however this is only relative to the way these events are interpreted by our mind and emotions. So the quest for true happiness and fulfilment in life will begin within our own mind and emotions.

Typically, Zen meditation music is played through loudspeakers. One can wear ear buds or headsets, however it is suggested that it is played by speaker because this way any comfort during wearing the ear buds or headsets will be avoided.

When selecting Zen meditation music, there is something important to bear in mind. This is simply what one wants to really achieve with meditation. Knowing this, it can often help us select the best music for meditation. For example, for serenity, tranquil music is the typical style chosen. To achieve improved self esteem, a more uplifting melody is much better. All being equal though, no matter what style of meditation one is looking for, the music should never distract from the meditations.

Zen meditation music can downloaded or played online from one of many streaming files through the web browser, or by purchasing a CD at local stores or online. For example, some free zen shakuhachi recordings can be found here, or you can buy an amazing Zen flute album by Schawkie Roth that you will truly delight in listening to.