Why We Need Psychic Protection

Humans are great at protecting ourselves against most of life’s eventualities. Examples of this are: we wear clothes against the elements; we lock our doors and windows against intruders; we put money into bank accounts; we take out insurance policies against accidents or death. But what about Spirits?

We do all this for our own protection but few people realise that there is a much more subtle threat which locks and bars are powerless.

More and more people are aware of, and try to work on, their spiritual development. People now realise that getting to know one’s inner self is the way to true enlightenment. This has a positive impact on the whole of their lives, including home, work, family – everything.  But all good things come at a price.

But what many do not realize is that when you expand your consciousness it takes us into unknown spirit realms, realms where we can pick up more than we bargained for. Everyone can pick up negative energies from people or places because you are too open.

It is one thing to develop spiritually but you should also learn, even before you start your spiritual development, to use psychic protection. When you start to develop, you open your spiritual energy centers ( chakras ). If you are unable to protect yourself you will be wide open to everything. You will be walking around like a shining beacon – like a psychic vacuum cleaner sucking up all the negative energies around.

One example of this that most people can relate to is this: Do you feel absolutely exhausted after talking to certain people either on the phone or face to face. You are full of energy at the beginning of the conversation but by the end you feel physically and emotionally drained. These people, usually through no conscious decision of their own, I call  ‘Energy Vampires’. They suck your energy which leaves you feeling drained.

To let you in on a little secret, I actually have a couple of these in my family. I used to feel so drained after talking to them that I could have gone to bed for a couple of hours.  Now days I can have nice ‘long’ chats with them – best of all is that I feel fine afterwards.

There are many different and varied ways to protect yourself but I will only describe 2 of them. The first I use myself and the second I use for my children when they have ‘bad dreams’ or are scared of something. Although the second is just as effective when used by adults.

Energy Shield

Start by sitting or laying down, close your eyes and start relaxing. Be conscious of each breath you make. Focus on the silence, the peace. Imagine a shaft of brilliant while light coming down from above, into the top of you head. Feel it’s warmth, feel the energy. With each breath you take picture this brilliant energy filled light flooding your body. Starting with your neck, shoulders, left arm then your right arm. Right to your finger tips. Feel the warmth of the light as it gradually fills your body. Work you way lower to your stomach, hips, left leg then your right leg. To the tips of your toes. When you body is filled with this light energy picture it surrounding your physical body. Like a shimmering light all around you. This light is pure, protective, guiding, energy. Your own shield against unwanted intruders.


If you practice this on a regular basis, especially before meditation, you will find it becomes part of your natural routine.

The Protective Cloak

This is the one that I tend to use with my sons’ when they have had bad dreams or thoughts. It works well with children because they can relate to dressing up – a good character to use is ‘Batman’.

Imagine yourself picking up a cloak, it can be what ever color/pattern you want. You wrap yourself in this cloak from the very top of your head  to under your feet – you are totally sealed in your cloak.  Making you invisible to all unwanted guests. It protects you – nothing can intrude inside your cloak.

Psychic Protection needs to be something you can do quickly and easily. It is no good having to carry our a long and complicated ritual. Practicing daily, before you need it, means that you will be automatically protected if a problem does arise.