Walking Meditation Instructions

And finally this is ‘walking meditation’. This is really simple and enjoyable – and yes, it needs a bit of work from you. If you’re living near a forest, park or anything green, after going home from work, change your clothes to something very comfortable, and simply … talk a walk. Go to the park, and walk slowly, look up at the trees, hear the birds singing, the other little animals moving about, the wind blowing through the leaves, hear your own steps as they crackle over the dried leaves and leave a hush sound behind. Empty your mind. Don’t think about work.

Don’t think about anything. Just experience what you see, where you are and note what you experience. Let go of all your worries. If stressful thoughts come over you, just le them go for now. And how you can do that best? Make a pact with them from the beginning: you will only leave them go for now.


They are allowed to return after 20 minutes. Amazing how such a simple pact (with yourself really) will calm down your mind and how your thoughts will start intruding on you less and less.

You will see that even after 20 minutes, or when you finish your walk in the park, if the thoughts come back, they will be suddenly less stressful, less nagging and many times, you will have popping up in your mind solutions to the very problems that caused you stress today in the first place!

Instructions for Walking Meditation

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