Using Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Buddhist meditation techniques are considered some of the oldest forms of meditation practiced. They are so old that when you see a picture of Buddha in repose, deeply meditation, you automatically think of meditation, regardless of the meditation type.

However, you don’t need to be a Buddhist to enjoy the benefits of Buddhist meditation techniques. The way Buddhist meditations are designed are so that the meditator is able to separate their psychical bodies from their minds.

This way they will bring their minds to a higher level of existence, of higher consciousness, thus receiving enlightenment in their lives.

So what are the Buddhist meditation techniques that you can employ in your quest to achieve peace, calmness and relaxation after your stressful day? The three most known and used ones are:

  1. Mindfulness of Breathing. When using this meditation, you need to relax your body totally, and completely focus on your breathing. Simply focus on the repetition of breathing in and out, in and out, and again, and again. At first all sorts of thoughts might intervene, however just gently push them aside, and continue your focus on your in and out breath.

    If you find that you cannot keep the focus, try this: when your breath is in, think in your mind ‘in’ (or inhale). When your breath is out, think ‘out’ (or exhale). You won’t be doing this for long, just at first, until you get your concentration on your breathing with relative ease.

  2. Contemplation of non-permanence is another type of Buddhist meditation. Here you need to focus your mind to reflect upon the non-permanence of life, on the cycle through death, birth, death, living.

    By contemplating the mysteries of the non-permanence of life, you will be able to remove yourself from your daily worries and stress, and just be at a conscious level. Simply be.

  3. Visualization is maybe the most common type of Buddhist meditation. Just think of an object in your mind. It can be anything, a flower, a candle light, any object that you can capture in your mind.

    During visualization, you will stop thinking of any conscious thoughts and just focus on the mental picture of the object you have chosen. This way you will be able to enter a state where you become one with the world around you, one with your object.

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