The Third Eye Opening

Experiences After The Third Eye Opening
by Simona Rich

After the third eye opening you may get some unusual experiences which you may want to know about before the opening of this chakra.

Some of the experiences you may get are pleasant, some are not. If, after this article, you think that you are ready to open your third eye, you should read my first article explaining how to do that.

How to know that you have awakened your third eye

You can be assured that your third eye is awakened if you close your eyes and can see:

– White/blue/purple colours

– Intense white dots

– Black sky with numerous stars

– The shape of the eye/square/circle/some other shape filled with blue or purple colour

These are all signs that you have awakened your third eye.

If you feel the pressure or some activity in your third eye chakra, that means that your third eye is being awakened and soon you will be able to see it.


What to expect after the third eye opening

Do not be surprised that when you awaken your third eye, you will start getting unusual experiences. That especially has to do with your sight. When you are tired or you are about to sleep or just relax and close your eyes, you may suddenly get all kinds of images in your mind’s eye.

Some of them will not make any sense to you, some of them will be very vivid, others will be blurred… There are all kinds of dimensions out there and with your third eye opened you will be able to pick up on them. The higher vibration you offer, the higher developed worlds you will be able to explore.


Higher vs Lower Dimensions

If you offer a low vibration, you may get to see the dimensions where restless souls stay. By ‘restless souls’ I mean the souls of people who committed suicides and could not forgive themselves for having done that. They are afraid to be judged by someone, so they stay between this world and higher dimensions. This, of course, is not the best dimension to choose to see, but if you find yourself viewing such dimension, you should understand that you offer the vibration that attracts such sights.

Although I have never seen lower dimensions, some people who saw them became scared and started regretting their third eye opening. Such people contact me asking what to do because they are scared of these sights. All I can advise is for them to try to raise their vibration, because only then you will be able to get the sight of higher dimensions. The article that will help to do that is the one I wrote about your thought vibration. In general, you should become more positive to raise your vibration.

If you offer a very high vibration (that of peace, love, gratitude and happiness), you will be able to see more developed worlds than even the one in which we live. You will know that you picked up on this dimension if you see very vivid light colours and when the air seems to be full of golden light. The golden/white colours will be the main ones in these dimensions.

Sometimes it may seem to you that you get information overload, and you may not be able to tune out of these dimensions, they will keep shifting through your eyes, sometimes really fast, different images may pass through you every second. Because you are new to this experience, you may not know how to switch off the third eye sight, so that might scare you.

But do not be afraid when that happens because all you should do is to open your eyes. You can also listen to the music before going to sleep and that should turn off this sight.


Sensitivity To Energies

After your third eye awakening you will become more sensitive to the energies of other people. You will be able to pick up on both good and bad energies. It is beneficial to pick up on good energies that others are offering, because they affect you positively.

However, you will pick up on bad energies too. For example if some person is angry and she looks at you, you will get some of her anger. That is why spiritual people sometimes get drained after spending some time in a crowded area. There are too many bad energies out there, and when you become more spiritual, you become more sensitive to such energies.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the harm of such energies. You can use some protection when you feel that you are amongst negative people. Such protection can be imagining that you are surrounded by white or golden (or both) light and imagining how their negative energy cannot get through that light. This is a very very useful technique which I personally use. That always saves me from getting drained off my energy.

You can also use another great technique that will benefit you in numerous ways. When you come home and take the shower, try to shower with cool water. Not too cold, but not as warm as you are used to. Now imagine that the water that goes on you is washing away all the bad energies that you picked up today. See in your minds eye the water picking up such energies and taking them down with it.

When you do this exercise for a couple of days in a row, you will feel a huge relief during and after the shower. The time you spend in the shower may become the most pleasurable one. Do not be surprised if after the shower you will become extremely happy or inspired to do something. That is all the result of removing negative energies from your body.

You should try doing this activity every day for you to feel the full benefits of this technique. When you do this every day you will notice the huge difference in your daily energy levels. You will be much more energetic and focused throughout the day because there will be no negative energies disrupting your routine.

Your health will improve significantly and your life quality will improve in general. Your relationships, sleep, work and state of mind will improve to a great extent.


Other Third Eye Opening Experiences

After your third eye opening you may get very strong vibrations in your body that may really scare you. It surely scared me when it happened to me for the first time. I had no idea what is happening to me and I suspected that I am about to have an OBE (out-of-body experience) because I read that something similar happens before such experience.

However, if you stay calm and just let the vibration overtake you, it will pass. During this vibration you may be able to see your third eye or (if you still did not awaken it) this experience may open your third eye.

I was able to get a glimpse only into very developed dimensions, with beautiful houses and golden sunny days. The view that I get when I look through my third eye is a very interesting one. For example I may see a detail of the house (eg. two windows of the house and an edge of the roof, and the sky). It is as though I am looking through a telescope. There is a pitch black colour on the edges, and in the middle I see some sight.

Usually I see still objects, like houses or people, creatures similar to people (nothing scary, trust me). I usually get a glimpse into the worlds that are very similar to that of ours. So people are similar and where they live is similar to where we live.

I am not sure why I get only these experiences, I suspect that it is because I am simply not ready to view very different worlds to that of ours.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, you may also get a sight of a black sky with many stars. If you get such view it means that you got into the 4th dimension and that you may get into different worlds from this place. I cannot be any more clearer than this because I still did not manage to clearly get into different worlds from this place. When I get smoother transition I will definitely write an article about it.

How long it takes to experience the third eye opening

The time it takes to open your third eye is different for everyone. If you were spiritually advanced in previous lives, or were trying to advance spiritually, it may take a very short while for you to experience your third eye opening. For me it took only around a week to do that, but I strongly feel that it is because I was very spiritual in my previous life and I had many lives before this one.

You may need to wait from a week to two months for your third eye opening experience, sometimes even longer. Just try the techniques that I gave in my first article and if you persist you will succeed in your third eye opening.



I hope that I did not discourage you from the third eye opening. Although the experiences that you will get after your third eye awakening are quite different from what you experience in this physical world, if you keep your vibration high you will not see anything of negative nature.

Therefore you should stay as positive as you can every day and if you do that you will definitely enjoy the sights that you get from your third eye.

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