The Silva Method of Meditation – Silva Meditation For Deep Relaxation

Silva Method is truly one of the most powerful types of meditations and techniques. They say, when the student is ready, the teacher will come. People originally shied away from this type of meditation, because the original name for this program was ‘Silva Mind Control’. With the rising ‘cold war’, where scary stories of people taking control of other minds were popping up all over the place, this quickly became a hot issue that many wanted to stay away from. However, Silva was quick to point out that this referred to people taking control of their own minds, rather than anything more horrendous. He then changed the name of the program to Silva Method, which soon got established as a leading meditation type, among such as Buddhist meditation, zen meditation, and so forth.

The Silva meditation method is a therapeutic program developed by Jose Silva in the 1940s in order to better equip people to deal with the already rising stress of life. Just some of its many benefits are increasing of IQ, developing higher mental powers and even developing psychic powers, such as ESP. Many people testify to the day-to-day benefits of the program.

The Silva method promotes the medical benefits of a deep relaxed state, which allows to slow down metabolism, increase blood flow to the brain and decrease cholesterol levels. Users of this program say that they become sick up 50% less on average after regularly using the program and use drugs and medication 62% less after being taught the Silva method.

There are a few ways you can use this method, all depending on your willingness to learn, and the time and money available, of course.

The Silva Life System, is the program that leading gurus like Wayne Dyer and Shakti Gawain have been using for years. It is one of the leading personal development methods, which contains 52 lessons and 11 CDs to learn from, as a self-study guide, in the comfort of your own home.

The Silva Mind Power Center is a very powerful meditation center, including: The Silva Training Library, The Silva Case Working System, The Silva Forum, and The Silva Meditation Center.

If you don’t want to learn meditation by yourself, but want to be surrounded 24 hours a day by like-minded people, who understand you completely, and share the same goals and problems like you, this is the best place to join.

Some people like the seclusion that being alone offers, and just drift away in meditation by themselves. But others are completely the opposite, they want to know that what they’re doing is right, to gauge their progress against the progress of others, talk things through, get to the Silva library and enjoy all the programs offered there for free, and more. It all depends on your character and what you’re used to, really.