taoist meditation and longevity techniques

Taoist meditation has as its aim calming the body and mind. Taoism puts great importance on emptiness and stillness, which are very important in meditation. Taoist masters suggest that when you first begin to practice meditation, you will find that your mind is very uncooperative. That’s your ego, or ’emotional mind’, fighting against its own extinction by the higher forces of spiritual awareness. This unique meditation uses the energies of body, emotions and mind to resolve difficulties and attain a clear and relaxed spirituality. Progressing from the physical, through the emotional to the spiritual the meditations lead students to balance and harmony with themselves and the universe.

This is one way to practice Taoist meditation:

  1. During meditation, you can sit on a meditation pillow or if you feel your back stressed, in a comfortable meditation chair, with your hands on your knees.
  2. You can place a candle on the floor or on a small table, and focus on it for a several minutes, until you can create the image of the candle in your mind. This way you begin the concentration and relaxation process. You can also play light meditation and Reiki music, recommended is the sound of ocean waves moving against the shore.
  3. Adopt a comfortable position for the body, balance your weight evenly, make sure your spine is straight and notice any physical sensations (cold, heat, trembling, tingling) that you experience.
  4. Once your body is in a comfortable position, focus now on your breathing, as it flows in and out of your lungs through your nostrils.
  5. After a few minutes, when your breath is slow and regulated, flowing smoothly through your nostrils, focus your attention on the thoughts and feelings that are coming and going. Be aware of them. During this type of meditation, your awareness is expanding, flashes of intuition and inspiration will come to your mind, you will have visions and images appearing and disappearing.