Stress & Symptoms, What are the warning signs of stress?

Stress Symptoms you should be Aware of

When you worry, you should look for symptoms of stress. Just imagining change can be stressful, so you should also look for symptoms of stress when you undergo change (both good and bad) in your life. Changes in everyday routine and anxiety over health issues, imagined or real, can lead to symptoms of stress.

In other words stress is a normal part of life and symptoms of stress include sweating, tight muscles, headaches, and/or increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure.

You probably already know that stress can have many mental, emotional, and physical effects, however there are so many different stress symptoms that you really need to educate yourself so you are aware of any stress symptoms you might be experiencing. For example, you have probably experienced stress symptoms like headaches, tense muscles, and irritability, however there are so many other stress symptoms that probably affect you on a regular basis that you never even thought were stress symptoms.

Emotional Stress Symptoms

Stress does not just have physical effects, but emotional as well. If you lead a stressful lifestyle and experience hostility, nervousness, anxiety, depression, lack typical sense of humor, are irritable or moody then you are experiencing some typical stress symptoms. You might not have been aware, but stress can be the cause of all of these feelings. The best way to handle your stress is to use stress relieving tips to help you calm down and relax.

Physical Stress Symptoms

The typical physical stress symptoms are known by most everyone; however there are a lot of other stress symptoms that you might not be aware of. For example, some typical stress symptoms include sweaty palms, indigestion, pounding heart, headaches, diarrhea, sleeping too much, bad skin, nausea, tense muscles, pain, cold hands, sleeplessness, and fatigue. Of course, there are other symptoms but these are just a few of the more common ones.

Mental Stress Symptoms

Now that you are aware of the possible emotional and physical stress symptoms you might experience you should be aware of the mental stress symptoms. Loss of concentration, poor memory, confusion, disinterest, mathematical errors, and disorganization among others are some of the general mental stress symptoms individuals’ experience.

Being aware of all of the different types of symptoms you might experience due to stress means that you will be able to detect your stress level quicker and do something about it. Great ways to relieve stress include meditation, exercise, and massage therapy.