Stress management strategies, how to reduce stress and anxiety

Stress Management Tips

If you lead a stressful life then you need several stress management tips that you can use on a daily basis to help you relieve your stress, tense muscles, and anxiety. Fortunately, there are hundreds of stress management tips that you can include in your daily life to help you unwind and relax. The following stress management tips are just a couple of the more popular ones; however any activity that redirects your attention from stressful thoughts to fun thoughts will work.

Stress Management Tip #1 Progressive Muscular Relaxation (PMR)

If you are experiencing tense muscles then you should focus on relaxing those muscles. The best way to do this is with PMR. First, tense up one group of muscles as tight as possible and hold for 10 seconds. Then, relax those muscles and continue this with all of your muscle groups. When you finish focus on relaxing your muscles even further.

By doing this you will be able to relax your tense muscles more so than if you just tired to relax them from the start.. This stress management tip is very helpful for reducing tense muscles.

Stress Management Tip #2 Relaxation Response

Another good stress management option is the relaxation response. With this you sit quietly for approximately 20 minutes and focus on relaxing the muscles of your feet first and when they are completely relaxed move up to your legs, stomach, all the way up your body. While you are relaxing your muscle groups make sure you are also breathing in deep and exhaling and counting each breath. Doing this will keep you focused and not allow you to become distracted.

Stress Management Tip #3 Aerobics, yoga and recreational sports aid in relaxation

Just 20 minutes of aerobic activity, six to seven days a week will improve your ability to control stress significantly. And yoga relaxes your mind progressively as your body increases its amount of muscular work.

When your muscles groups repeatedly contract and relax, your brain receives a signal to release specific neurotransmitters which relax you and make you more alert. Try to have a place set aside at work where you can practise aerobics and yoga. Recreational sports, such as tennis, volleyball, squash or basketball help control stress by ridding your body of stress-causing adrenaline and other hormones.

These sports involve getting away from the workplace which may be an added bonus. Try to take a break every 90 minutes. Even something as simple as walking or climbing stairs, stretching, or basic calisthenics will help your stress levels come down.

Management Tip #4 Think Positively

A great stress management option is to always think positively. Many times we stress ourselves because we worry over what others will think, if we will say or do the right things as well as many other things. So, stop worrying about the future and what others think and simply think positively.

When you think positively you won’t stress about the little things and will be more confident as well. So, incorporate this stress management tip in your daily life right now and you won’t need to focus on stress management anymore because it will be part of your daily routine!

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