‘Spirit Energies’ Caught on Camera

‘Orbs’ as they have come to be known, have been around ever since the discovery of the photography. However, Orb phenomena has really taken off over recent years since the advent of digital cameras. The reason for this seems to be that the process involved in capturing the image with a digital camera is very sensitive to light spectrum beyond that which the human eye can see. It also seems that the typical digital camera construction with the flash being close to the lens is also a factor that aids the capturing of orb type phenomena.

What are Orbs? Some orbs are due to natural physical phenomena like dust particles or moisture droplets in the air. Orbs can be formed if such are positioned in front of the lens when the flash is used. It is the construction and sensitivity of the digital camera that gives rise to these phenomena that were rarely seen with older cameras. ,Strong>Click here to continue reading Orbs