Reiki meditation – how and when to do it

Reiki meditation is an integral part of Reiki. If you are already meditating and you want to get Reiki attuned by going to Reiki classes and having the attunement, you will have it so much easier than somebody who is usually not meditating. You will be so much ahead of your peers in your Reiki classes. It is very useful to learn how to meditate in combination with Reiki, because these meditations will strengthen your connection to the universal energy, it will help get more sensitive to Reiki, and channeling Reiki to heal others will feel so much easier.

Even if during the Reiki class you are not very adept at meditating, all is good, because meditation is needed all the time once you are attuned to Reiki. So by practicing reiki meditation regularly, daily if possible, you will be able to enhance your Reiki energy and get better at meditating at the same time. If you are used to meditating, and just now will get attuned (or got attuned) to Reiki, incorporate Reiki in your meditation, you will have double the benefits this way.

The first most important Reiki meditation is Gassho meditation. This means ‘two hands coming together’. How to meditate Reiki style:

  1. First, you make the Sho-ku-rei (power) symbol with your hand
  2. Then you put your hands in the Gassho position (the prayer position, which will be taught to you by your Reiki master) every morning and evening.
  3. Quiet your mind from the clutter, and focus on one point only. For example bring your awareness to the tip of your middle finger. When you notice your mind wandering, just bring it back gently to focus again on the tip of your middle finger.
  4. Once you finish the Reiki meditation, make the Power symbol again.
  5. If you have Reiki lvl 2 attunement, you can now send distant healing to all your family, friends, relatives, everybody who needs it.

At the beginning of your Reiki meditation you can also ask your guides for help, and when you finish, after making the Power symbol, thank you guides for the help.

The Reiki meditation type is widely used in the Reiki circles, and it is good if you start using it from early on, as soon as you have received Level 1 attunement, as the positive effects of Reiki and meditation combined together really pack a healing punch to anyone that you apply healing to (including to youself).

A very good book on Reiki meditations, that I can recommend is Reiki Meditations for Beginners. Whether you are starting out with Reiki and meditation, or want to deepen your understanding of the practice of Reiki and meditation, you need this book.