Regression Therapy – Why You Should Remember Past Lives

Do you feel unwanted? Are you suffering from addiction of any sort? Are you always being bullied or victimized for a reason you doesn’t even know? Do you have anger issues? How about your relationships, are they good? Do you seem to lack something even though you almost have everything?

If you think that you are having issues on one of these areas and you tried every possible way to address them but they still keep on coming around then you MUST read this article as you may never have considered that Regression Therapy could help solve all your problems!

Regression Therapy looks at healing from a holistic approach. Ones body, mind and spirit are all inter connected and affect each other. Regression Therapy seeks to take a client back into past experiences through hypnotic type venues, while the mind is kept aware.

These past experiences can include experiences from the adulthood of the client, their adolescence; even all the way back to their prenatal stage!

It is however possible with past life regression therapy to go back further than this prenatal stage, and help the client to remember lives they had in the past.

This idea of having had previous lives is very difficult for most people to come to terms with, but there is actually overwhelming evidence to suggest that this present life is just one of many which we experience.

For example, in some accounts, clients talk about being an official in a foreign kingdom; some describe vividly experiences of fighting in a war; some even talk about hunting in the wild during the Stone Age with their partner who is, in fact, their spouse in the present life.

What is really exciting is when people can manage to physically verify information about things that they remembered during their past life regression therapy session. This can be done by looking at old parish records etc.

There are scientific studies going on around the world showing well documented cases of children remembering everything about a past life. Often this past life was just a few years before their present life and so they are able to meet friends and family still living who they have amazingly accurate memories of.

The experiences that we have had in these past lives can help us understand the way that we are now – there is a much better perspective to be gained on one’s behavior with this kind of insight on the past.

Regression therapists coined a term called ‘Faulty Thoughts’. These are the negative thoughts that the individual himself has created in the previous life therefore carrying over emotional baggage and bad ‘karma’ into the present life.

The only person who can change these negative thought processes is the one who created them in the first place. For this reason, the client must undergo regression therapy that enables him or her to change the negative energy into positive. This can be achieved by things like forgiveness, karmic repayment and re-patterning.

Forgiveness is a basic biblical principle; the entire faith is dependent upon it. Karmic repayment is the idea that we must repay the wrongs we have committed even if they are from a previous life. Basically correct the bad behavior to correct the bad karma.

Only after undergoing these corrective measures can we re-pattern our energy fields by replacing them with gentleness, care, tranquility, and harmony.

Regression therapy can be hard on you but is truly life changing. Clients nearly universally report having a more positive outlook on life and a feeling of renewal.

But of course, to achieve this result, every client must have a tough commitment to know himself thoroughly and change the way he is expecting his life to be.

Regression therapy offers a truly unique way of looking at the human mind and personality and whether to help with problems you may be having or to satisfy your curiosity about past lives, it is something worthy of your consideration.

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