Reflection of Themselves

Occassionally I will post an article from one of my favorite sites.  All these writings are original pieces that have been channeled via a very special woman.


Teach man to see the reflection of themselves through the windows of their body and this will connect them to the inner soul of their being for to pretend they are good and not and do not good and pursue evil is contempt in the spirit, the Source of man.

Take them on the road to self healing Tiye for I who made man gave the temple of man the ability to heal man. Show them how to establish this so purity will cover the soul when it returns to its maker. I am the knower and the giver. I am all. Time is nigh. Needless ask for forgiveness in my kingdom for what is pure on earth is pure in the kingdom of i the Father and will enter My kingdom. Leave your sins on earth before you enter the kingdom of the Source of all Wisdom. I am the earth. I am who I am. Go forth.

By: The Unseen

Vessel Used Queen Tiye

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