Meditation to reduce stress at work

Our fast-paced lives have caused an increase in stress at work. No doubt, if you are working in a corporate environment, you’ve felt it as well. Working 40-60 hours per week, having angry customers (also stressed, of course), moody bosses, it doesn’t help in keeping YOUR stress levels down. Finally when you go home exhausted from work, you’ll be so tired and stressed out, that no only you can’t relax properly anymore, but you lash out at your partner, or children, or simply retreat in your own space so you don’t end up lashing out at your family. Here is some information on how you can relieve and reduce stress at work with the use of some easy meditation techniques.

There are various techniques, but I’ll start with guided meditation, since this often works best. Listen to the soothing voice of the meditator guide and find myself very easily go into a very calm, light, meditative mood which will allow me to quickly unwind and be ready for those at home that need me to be there for them.

There are many DVDs, CDs available that will guide you on a meditative journey. Utilizing your personal DVD player and a quiet area you will achieve an effective stress relieving and relaxing meditation. The more relaxed and the less stress you feel, the healthier and happier you will be at work.

For optimum experience and to release the most alpha waves our pulse rate while resting should be between 60 and 110 beats per minute. Now this might be a bit technical, but basically you need to listening to something with a slower beat or a similar beat to your desired resting rate. This in turn will effectively bring your body and mind to relax and imitate the desired rate quicker than if simply sitting in a quietened room. If used correctly, music can enhance the experience and also quicken the effects of meditation.

Some excellent music meditation types are the various Reiki Meditation CDs. Reiki music is specifically created to give your mind the rest that it needs, while at the same time relaxing your body and brings you to that stress-free level that you need to get to every single day.