Meditation Chair

Using a meditation chair in your regular meditation sessions is no longer a luxury, but a welcome help in getting the best out of your meditation. In fact, meditation chairs can be an important part of your meditation practice. They are designed to help you maintain proper posture and breathing.

You need both of these in order to achieve best results in your meditation. Particularly if you have back problems, you will find it otherwise hard to keep your posture during the meditation, without pain, and the results will not be that great.

But how do you choose which chairs are best for meditation? They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so at times it might seem daunting to find the proper chair. What you need to consider when going chair hunting, is your height, size and required comfort level. The chair needs to offer you proper back support, and it needs to have a slight forward angle, so it can improve your posture.


There are various meditation chairs available, and no matter which one you choose, you will get a proper back support and increases your comfort during your meditation.

Recognized benefits of a meditation chair:

  • Provide the back alignment and support which reduces the stress of having to sit in one single position during meditation. This reduces the additional pressure from your back.
  • If you have back problems, these chairs offer additional comfort not found in regular sitting chairs, and provide ergonomic support so much needed for your condition.
  • Regardless of the meditation types you engage in, being it a Buddhist meditation, Christian meditation, or Yoga meditation, a meditation chair will make your experience very pleasant due to the added comfort and relaxation.
  • Several meditation chairs can be folded back and they are very lightweight so they can be easily transported from one place to another
  • If you’re new to meditation, the added comfort and support given by sitting on this type of chair instead of a regular chair will allow you to learn and embrace meditation much easier than otherwise.

One of the interesting side-effects of the meditation chairs is that everybody who tries the chair finds it extremely comfortable. And no sooner are you in the chair, and you simply relax and let go, and fall into a pose of extreme relaxation and contentment. That happens over and over again, and it’s really fun to watch people who never even heard of meditation before start meditating after such an experience with a meditation chair.