Meditation and Binaural Beat

One of the best meditation types is guided meditation, which basically involves listening to a voice (most often a male voice) bring you to a meditative state. The voice is usually soothing, calming and very relaxation inducing.

You can, of course, also meditate on your own, guided by your own visualization, or simply focusing on a candle flame, or a particular object, but for many, guided meditation works best. Particularly when the voice that guides you is as calming and relaxing like Dick Sutphen’s voice.

Other guides include Brian Weiss, the well known past life regressionist (who also has some tracks on regular meditation), Daniel Goleman, John Edwards, and several others, but for many the best guide is Dick Sutphen.

Hi CDs include White Light Meditation, Psychic Development Course, Mind Travel and several others. You can go back and forth between CDs, listening to and working with one for about a month, and then changing, to another one.

If you are interested in spiritual growth, be it simply by meditating, or maybe developing some psychic powers (and who wouldn’t want that), the Psychic Development Course CD is very good and very recommended.

The first track discusses how to rapidly develop your psychic powers through meditation, and gives various examples of developing your psychic ‘muscles’ as he calls them as well as explains the various exercises. This particular track lasts for about 40 minutes.

The second track is a preparation module, lasting six minutes, which addresses misconceptions about perceiving psychic impressions, for example he addresses the issue of not having to receive images by default.

Various people have different ways of receiving impressions, be it by sounds, smells, through imagination, through single pictures. It is a good way to get yourself familiar with the different ways, so that when you’re meditating, you can discern what is happening to you and can be ready to receive these impressions. Quite an eye-opener these six minutes.

The third and the fourth sessions are go into actual meditation. Track 3 lasts for about 14 minutes, and track for full 21 minutes. Once you have listened to the first two tracks to get familiar with a few things, track 3 and 4 are bringing you very easily to an altered state of consciousness.

Even though these tracks are there for you to receive psychic impressions, they are totally suitable for anyone who simply wants a 15 minutes session of relaxing meditation. You can start out with this CD for ordinary meditation then focus more on the ‘becoming psychic’ aspect of the CD later. And the more you listen to these tracks, the deeper you get into a meditative state, where you can really reach out for psychic impressions, which sometimes really surprise you.

If you have never tried Dick Sutphen’s CD so far, start with Psychic Development Course, you will not be disappointed.

Using Buddhist Meditation Techniques

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