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Astral travel or astral projection (aka out-of body and a variety of other names you find on the web) is a natural process.  It is the separation of the real you (your spirit body) from your actual physical body, which you have whilst on this earth. Astral travel is as natural as breathing.  It is part of who you are it is your birthright; every living creature astral travels, no matter whether it be an animal, a plant, a fish, a human, or even a bird. How quickly can you do it consciously depends on you; and you alone. The majority of untrained people fall asleep during the process; which is very annoying indeed, as you must leave the body before it goes to sleep to remember your travels!

Because of our religious teachings or upbringing we are told very little about astral travel so many people go through life not knowing anything about it.  Many think their actual physical body is the one and only real you; It is not!  It’s just a shell to enable your spiritual body to be on this planet.

Every night we nearly all unconsciously astral travel but there are those who cannot; and by their own fault. To understand why these certain people cannot use Astral Projection we must discuss a few things in more detail.  People who are badly constipated, obese or obsessed with carnal desires cannot. They cannot because of two reasons; firstly being badly constipated or obese causes the spiritual body to be locked within the physical body, which means it cannot get released at night whilst the physical is sleeping; With this I do not joke – itis very true.   Those obsessed with carnal desires will also not achieve anything as the spiritual path is not carnal. Because these people who are infatuated with carnal desires have only one thought on their minds and that make it near on impossible to focus on anything else.

So getting back on track; being able to astral travel is one thing, being able to consciously astral travel is another; which is what you want to achieve and as I have said ` The majority of untrained people fall asleep during the process; which is very annoying indeed, as you must leave the physical body before it goes to sleep to remember your travels.’ Conscious astral travel is our goal and it can be achieved, but you need to learn to visualise the process. Again we must digress here as many confuse visualisation with imagination. You have to go in for visualization, and visualization is not imagination. Imagination is something which can be indulged in on the imaginary basis only. No amount of imagination, for instance, would enable you to jump over a thirty-story building. You might be able to do it in your imagination and then you would be something like Superman; wouldn’t you? But such a jump over a thirty-story building is beyond the laws of physical nature, so it is imagination only, and many people waste time imagining that which is completely impossible. Visualization, on the contrary, is something which is entirely possible because it is completely in keeping with normal physical laws.

So the secret – for want of a word – is to visualise the whole process, that is, you’re lying in or on your bed at night and visualise, before you fall off to sleep, that your spiritual body is looking down from above. Many at this point will not see their actual physical because they are not expecting to see it and the first time you do, you may jump right back into your physical which means you will have to try again another night. Seeing our own body can be a shock for many as it’s not like looking into a mirror. Recall when your voice was recorded and played back to you? You would have bet vast amounts of money that it wasn’t you, and so it is with the physical when you get to see it.

Another obstacle is being able to visualise. In today’s world many find visualisation very hard as much of your lives are filled with visual images, either TV, films and such like where they provide all the visual and therefore the requirement or ability to visualise anything is completely removed. So what can we do to assist this?

A simple process is to get your partner or friend to take a photo of you when you are in or on your bed. They must take the photo from above so it simulates what you would be seeing from near the ceiling as that’s where your spiritual body will be when it leaves the physical. It’s no good you taking the picture as you have to be in it. Once you can consciously astral travel you can bypass this process of floating above the physical near to the ceiling, but for now let’s assume you are starting out and therefore you WILL float above the physical and the height varies from person to person, but nevertheless it’s above the physical.

Now you don’t want to use a flash or take the photo in full daylight. Draw the curtains so that the room is slightly dimmed to a form of neutral lighting because this is how you will see everything whilst astral travelling. Digressing here again, in the astral you can see clearly even in the darkest of rooms as you are not seeing with physical eyes, but spiritual eyes. Getting back, you must be dressed or naked as you normally go to bed because everything must be as exact to aid visualisation. Now before you tuck yourself in, get the picture and focus on this image, then tuck yourself in and visualise that photo image before falling off to sleep, actually form strong thoughts that you are doing it and sooner or later you will do it. One night you will actually be above the physical looking down. It’s not going to happen over night, it can take days, weeks or even years to achieve as it’s all down to you; and you alone because we create our own stumbling blocks with doubt and fear.

When starting out you may experience a sensation of falling or swaying; that is perfectly normal. That is your true self trying to leave the physical. Sometimes when going to sleep you feel a jerk which awakens you, well that was your two bodies parting company too quickly. Again this jerk may cause you to try again on another night until you have mastered the process. Recall then you had you first bike, you probably fell off it with fright the very first time and it was many months until you could ride it without stabilising wheels and in full confidence, such is learning to astral travel, you will make small mistakes at first.

Let us assume that you have achieved this and are now looking down upon the sleeping physical. When you have finally got out of the physical, rest awhile, just keep still, you don’t need to feel panic nor triumph, just rest peaceably for a few moments. Then – if you think you can stand the shock – and depending on what sort of a body you’ve got; gaze down on the thing you’ve just left. It looks all lopsided, it looks lumpy and heavy, and it looks a real untidy mess. Well, aren’t you glad to get away from it for the time being? You will see the silver cord which connects both the spiritual and physical bodies. Once you are out of the physical it doesn’t matter that it’s gone to sleep. Slowly you will realise that your spiritual body is descending feet first so that you are now at the end of the bed; this is normal for beginners, advanced people only need think of where they wish to be and will project their spiritual body to that location without this process, but you are just starting out and therefore will go through all this.

If you get over excited or try and rush things at this point you can force the spiritual back into the physical, which if it does happen you won’t achieve much again that night and will have to try again another night. Again let’s assume you haven’t got over excited, or panicked having seeing your actually physical body lying prone in or upon the bed, and you are now standing at the end of the bed. So what do you do now? For the very first time it’s advisable to just browse your bedroom to get used to moving about. You are lighted than anything and move by though alone, all you need to is to think or visualise yourself moving and you will move. Speed varies to your thoughts and you can move much faster than the speed of light. Slowly move around the room looking at the places you don’t normally see, like above the wardrobe and such like places, see all the dust that has settled and try and touch it. You will discover that your hand or finger will just pass thought much like a ghost and once you are comfortable with that you can try other rooms about the house. Get used to moving about and through walls and doors, you may feel a slight tingle sensation – a bit like a very mild pins and needles sensation – when going through some solid objects as that’s normal and will soon pass once you are more adept at travelling this way. There is not need to rush it as there is no fast-track process to this.

I must point out at this point that NOTHING can harm you but fear alone. Fear is the mind killer because it stalls our advancement; and what is fear? Fear is just the unknown, something which we don’t understand yet as you don’t fear that which you understand; or do you? So remember that NOTHING can actually hurt you. Now we must assume again that you have accomplished all this and feel secure about moving about and through objects and that your fear is well under control. Now it’s time to venture outside and visit local places like shops and such like before setting out to far off places. The scope of possible travel is vast as you can go and see anywhere on this planet and throughout the universe, distance is no object.

A word of warning: if you think it would be great to see others in their birthday suit; think again! Only those with pure intentions can see everything, but those with idle curiosity or alterative motives cannot, it’s a universal law. You may be able to break physical laws whilst on this little planet, but you cannot break universal laws regardless of who you are!

So how do you know if you are astral travelling or just dreaming? As many people do dream that they are astral travelling and don’t know it. Simple; remember that the silver cord is ALWAYS visible, colours are more VIBRANT and you can see clearly even in the very DARKEST of rooms; as if there was indirect sunlight entering that room and in fact, when you are in the REAL astral world you WILL see more colours that you can perceive within the physical.

Remember there is NOTHING that can harm you whilst within the astral plane; the silver cord CANNOT be broken – only death itself can do that – and you CANNOT be possessed whilst astral travelling. Your only worry is fear itself. Remember never to panic even if you do get a few swaying sensations trying because you CANNOT BE HURT and you can ALWAYS get back into the physical once out.

Some people have mentioned that when astral travelling; or having an out of body experience they find themselves moving though a tunnel with a bright light at the far end. This is most excellent news as that is the way home; back to the real astral world. If you ever get the chance to do this it’s strongly advisable to spend some time in the astral home – remember everything you see and do – then when your time on Earth is done, you will know the way home without any delays. Within the astral plane you move by thought alone, which is much, much faster than the speed of light; and all communications are by telepathy. Don’t worry about not being able to know telepathy, when in the astral plane you can automatically do it. You WILL be greeted upon arriving in the real world and you WILL see loved ones only. Try it and you will see I am right.

In the astral there are many planes of existence; some you may visit and others you cannot because you are not spiritually evolved enough, these higher planes of existence are just bright lights and if you venture towards one you will discover you are automatically blocked. On the lower planes of existence you will see strange beings, perhaps some that may look demonic like; not that they actually are, your false teaching have cause that belief. Once in the astral plane you can perceive and understand many things which are not possible whilst stuck in the physical.

There is no secret mystery in astral travelling; it just needs confidence. It just needs the firm knowledge that you are going to do astral travel while you are fully awake. And the best way to start about it is not to imagine that you are out of the body, but to visualise that you are out of your body, visualise yourself leaving your physical body, visualise yourself gradually inching out and floating inches above the recumbent physical body. Actually visualise yourself doing it, actually form the strong thoughts that you are doing it, and sooner or later you will do it. You will find, with the greatest amazement that you are floating there looking down upon a padded, whitish-green or what ever coloured fleshy body you have. Probably it will have its mouth open; probably it will be snoring away because when you are out of the physical it doesn’t matter at all if your body goes to sleep, because if you get out while the body is awake, you will remember the whole experience.

So finally, how to get back into the physical? This is achieved by either visualising yourself going back or it will happen naturally when morning comes. During astral travelling you may feel a constant tug along the silver cord, this is the physical body warning the spiritual body that something is about to happen where the physical resides, and either its morning or someone is trying to awake you.

If you get a headache when you get back into the physical that is due to a misalignment between the two bodies because you got back in too quickly, and can be easily resolved by going back to sleep for a few minutes, so that the two bodies can part and synchronise correctly. Your spiritual body oscillates at much a higher frequency than the physical does and to get back in they must be in sync; most of the time this process is automatic.

Now the bit which is going to cause much fuss and many will disagree but is very true, some people have dreams. Now frequently the dreams are rationalizations of what actually happened. The person is a doubter to start with and just would not believe the possibility of astral travel, and so as a solution to what would be a difficult problem the subconscious of the doubter cooks up a fantastic image or dream which truly is stranger than anything that could happen in real life.

Dreams, then, are either the rationalization of an astral experience or – and this is the most popular – the mindless wandering thoughts of a physical body of which the soul or astral form is far, far away – so far that no check is being kept on the mental processes of the sleeping form.

I hope this helps and you enjoy the many delights of astral travelling.

Astral Projection: Just a Mind Trip


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