Guided Imagery Meditation in 5 Steps

Guided imagery meditation is a meditation technique that makes use of a guide to coach you through the steps of meditation.

People are different. Some like to do everything by themselves. Others, like to get a head start with a guide, thus learning faster than would on their own. There’s nothing wrong with either approach, and at times you could use both.

If you want to give guided imagery meditation a try, here are 5 mains steps to do it:

  1. Relax, and get yourself in a comfortable state, just as usual when you sit down to meditate. Just rest your mind and body, release any tension you might have, let your body go limp. Start at the top of your head, or from the toes of your feet, relaxing each part as you go along. You can go both way. I rather prefer from the feet, but I know people who are going from top to bottom.

  2. Relax your mind. Once your body is relaxed enough, it will be much easier to calm your mind as well. At first your thoughts will be intruding in the quiet space. This is because your mind is not used to letting go, it wants to always be active. With practice you will be able to easily free yourself from this internal monologue, so do not worry about it too much right now.

  3. Focus on your breathing. Don’t try to change your breathing, just breath regularly and notice it entering through your nostrils and exiting either through the nostrils or through your mouth. Just be a passive ‘watcher’. Don’t try to get your perfect breathing, it is perfect right now as it is.

  4. Go deeper and deeper into a more calming and relaxing state. Again, it will take you a few tries, but eventually you will be able to enter this peaceful state quite easily.

  5. Now that you are in this tranquil place of calm and quiet, imagine that there is a screen (TV screen, theater screen, a black school board) in front of you, and it has nothing on it. Now project the images of you want to accomplish on this board. You will see that the images will start taking a life of their own. Just follow them and see where they take you.

    Many times a solution to a problem is revealed right now and here. Or a new creation, new though will enter through these images. Just let them flow and go along with them. Add feelings and emotions to these images. Feel whatever you desire that is on the screen. This will help you manifest what you want, without additional stress, struggle or strain.