God’s Word – A Mystical Perspective

In referring to God as “the Word” does not imply religion. Nor does it imply a invisible etheric, unthinking, chaotic, unfeeling force of particles with no meaning or purpose, just haphazardly floating about forming and destroying universes for eternity. No, by no means. Everything is vibration including our own body and soul. Yet, just because we are vibration does not mean we are a unthinking, unintelligent force. We have intelligence and are each unique. Likewise God is Light, God is Love, God is Wisdom, God is ultimate intelligence, and order. God is unique and individual, and God is everywhere, in and through all things manifest and unmanifest.

In fact God is right here, right now in the same way that there are different planes of existence in and about us, and all around us. It is a matter of tuning into the right frequency so to speak.

When a human is filled with the vibration of God it does not mean that person is God, or that entire God is bottled up in that one little human form which. Rather, God can manifest through a receptive individual, and yet at the same time be filling all creation.

The “God frequency” or “God vibration” is unique and pure among frequencies. It is a place of safety and eternal peace. Touch it when you are not prepared, and it may zap you. But come to God in humbleness and humility, with strong intent, meaning, energy, devotion and purpose, and you will be changed. You will then become a vessel of the God frequency and will be vibrating with a portion of God’s love, thoughts and energy, and you will perceive the world from God’s level of perception, and won’t be deceived by appearances any longer.

If we live our life from the level of “God’s Word” (i.e. God’s frequency, vibration, Spirit, etc.) , found in deep meditation, peace and harmony will follow. The primary purpose of life is finding God through our innermost spirit, and living life from that level.

In ages when scientific language was lacking these things were explained religiously, or even in parables and myths and stories. The same truth that has been around for ages is still present today but unrecognized by those who have been programmed into a mindset or belief system that does not permit thinking outside the box. But that is another subject….

Borrowed from: Mystic Beats