Colour Healing

The human body is intimately keyed to colour through its very evolution, and colour therapy is an important method of treatment. Colour affects your personality, whether because of cultural conditioning or your initial experience of a particular colour. If you have experienced a happy event in the past when you were wearing the colour blue, for example, it may remind you of special time.

We are all influenced by the different vibrations that each colour possesses. Each colour in the spectrum vibrates at its own rate and these vibrations correspond with the body’s inner vibration. Each part of the body resonates to a different colour. When we are ill or troubled we can use the appropriate colour to harmonize our vibrations and restore equilibrium.

Colours are linked with moods. Reds, oranges and yellows are warm and expansive and give a feeling of energy, excitement and joy. Blues, indigos and purples are calming and cooler. They quieten the temperament and induce relaxation. The psychology of colour is a language that you can learn, in the same way that you learn the alphabet in order to read and write. When you understand its basic meanings you can interpret what it means.

When you are well you may like most colours, but emotional and physical problems will tend to bring out preferences for different colours. Often you will be drawn to the colour you need, such a vigorous reds when you are exhausted. You will be naturally attracted to blues when you need some rest and healing. The over-excited would benefit from blues, but depression needs yellows and golds. I will be gradually providing you with a basic guide which will help you to check specifically what is happening in your system, and to help you choose the right color to correct the situation.

But to give you some idea of what is to come, lets examine ‘Brilliance’.

Brilliance brings all rays of color into perfect balance. Many people mistake brilliance for white, but brilliance is the light from which all color springs. Brilliance is the clear light at the end of the tunnel that people recall after near-death experiences.

Brilliance in itself is not a color. It is the true original, cosmic light. It contains the purity of love, power and wisdom. Our own source of brilliance is the sun. Without brilliance there can be no vision. It is the hard light that exposes all flaws and corruption.

Picture a perfect diamond. Transparent in its clear brilliance. It sparkles with every color of the rainbow.

To recharge yourself at any time simply visualize pure brilliant light. When we say that someone is ‘brilliant’, we are acknowledging their purity of vision.

Brilliance relates to the lymphatic system, and the tissues that filter out the debris from the body.

Brilliance brings a ray of hope to your life when all seems lost. Brilliance brings change, whether you like it or not. It allows the delusions of your life to dissolve. Situations become clearer; you can wipe the slate clean and start again. It may bring about a move to a new home, a change of job, or a subtle inner transformation so that people recognize a new you. Old patterns fall away to be replaced with joy and an uplifting of the spirit.

Water is liquid brilliance: bathing in a waterfall is the equivalent of standing under a cascade of clear light. Or expose yourself to clear brilliance by taking a brief sunshine bath: you can renew yourself again and again.

The healing properties of colour are amazing. You will be truly amazed at the power of Color Healing.