Causes of Stress – Children – Teenagers – Professionals

Causes of stress, known as stressors, can be anything physical or emotional that originated internally or externally. So, causes of stress can be just about anything including people, activities, demands, jobs, sickness, or even the death of a loved one. While causes of stress vary there is one thing that remains constant and that is that stress can affect anyone at any age at anytime. Consider the following examples of how stress affects children, teenagers, and professional adults.

* Causes of Stress in Children

Common causes of stress in children include good things as well as bad things. Some good stressors including winning an award or getting straight As on your report card. Negative stressors include going to a new school, death, or illness of someone in the family, divorce, moving, and even something as simple as taking a test.

Causes of stress in children can have many consequences, so it is helpful to teach your children how to handle stress. For example, taking a deep breath, talking to a teacher or family member, think positive and simply relaxing are great ways for kids to handle stress.

* Causes of Stress in Teenagers

There are many causes of stress in teenagers as the teen years can be especially difficult. Some typical causes of stress in teenagers include fitting in and being popular, attending a new school, drugs and alcohol, sex, death of a loved one, moving, tests, sporting events, weight, and attractiveness. Of these causes of stress several will affect your teenager, so help them understand how to deal with stress.

For example, teenagers can find time to simply relax, workout, eat healthy, take one day at a time, prepare for tests and athletic events, and other similar activities. These suggestions will help relieve stress in teenagers.

* Causes of Stress in Professionals

There are many causes of stress in professional adults. Some causes of stress include marital problems, children, death, work performance, income, bills, taxes, and the list goes on and on. Fortunately, professional adults can workout, eat healthy, perform deep breathing exercises, enjoy a massage, as well as many other remedies to combat the symptoms of stress.