Causes of Anxiety

There are many causes of anxiety from speaking in public to asking a partner on a date. However, each cause of anxiety is temporary and goes away quickly, which is very normal.

On the other hand, there is a cause of anxiety that might result in an anxiety disorder making it difficult for the sufferer to engage in normal daily activities. In fact, anxiety disorders can affect people in such a way that they can no longer function socially in normal activities such as visiting the grocery store.

Many times individuals suffering from an anxiety disorder can’t even go to the grocery store because they are excessively fearful. So, what is the cause of anxiety disorders and why do some people react this way? There are no clear answers; however medical professionals do have some basic ideas.

One cause of anxiety might be one’s personality. For example, if you have low self esteem or are depressed then this might be the cause of anxiety for you. Or, personality might not be the cause of anxiety at all and simply a factor making one more prone to such a disorder.

Brain chemicals might be another cause of anxiety in many because brain chemical altering drugs frequently work for individuals suffering from anxiety disorders. This gives doctors hope that brain chemicals are in fact a cause of anxiety in many.

Heredity might be another cause of anxiety and one you can’t do anything about. Doctors believe certain genes make individuals prone to anxiety and when certain events take place these individuals will likely develop an anxiety disorder.

However, none of these reasons alone is the cause of anxiety disorders and generally doctors don’t know exactly what happens to initiate the anxiety response. So, one thing is true that there is no one cause of anxiety disorders and there may be many different factors that play into this disorder.