Aura – Your Personal Energy Shield

Whilst your physical body is within your skin, your energy body, your Aura, extends way beyond this.  It is a three dimensional encasing that surrounds your body in every direction.  It consists of many layers of fine energetic material.  Just because you may not be able to see it, yet, does not mean it does not exist.

The overall shape of your Aura is that of an egg.  It extends above the crown of your head to below your feet and totally surrounds you back and front, side to side.

The depth of your Aura is different from person to person.  Some people have an Aura that does not extend far from their physical bodies.  Others, possibly because they are more spiritually developed, have an Aura that can extend much larger areas.  It is believed that highly evolved religious teachers, such as Jesus, Mohammad and the Buddha, had the ability to extend their Auras to a dept of many kilometers when they wanted to attract followers.  But the general depth of a persons Aura is usually about 1 meter (3 ft) all around them.

Try to accept that your Aura is a blueprint of your physical body, its organs, muscles, bones, blood vessels, everything.  Your physical body needs your aura to survive.  This is how a Psychic/Spirit healer works, by repairing your Aura.  They know that they do not need to touch your physical body because what ever they do with your aura will be replicated into your physical.

Try some small psychic healing yourself.  If you have a small itch on your body, try and scratch the air just above the itch.  After a few seconds your itch will disappear.

There are many reasons why people have different sized Auras.  If you are healthy then it would be usual to see a thick, deep Aura.  But when people become ill you may find their aura shrinks.  But this is not always the case.  We can shrink our Auras at will.  For example as self-defense.  If we meet someone we do not particularly like then we may shrink our Aura.  If we are in a situation that we feel threatened then we may shrink our Aura.  The same thing happens if you are watchng a scary movie and you push yourself back into your seat – your aura will also shrink back with you.

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